38, route de Bel Air "la Touche" - 41110 SEIGY
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Mentions légales

In 1983, I began working on this "mixed-farming" estate owned by my family for several generations.

I decided to keep only the vineyard, and devote myself only to the viticulture and the winemaking to constantly improve the quality of my wines.

After several expansion steps, the estate now covers 19 hectares on the southern hillsides of the Cher, one of the Loire tributary.
Respectful to the environnement, I evolved to an environnementally sustainable winegrowing. Terra Vitis, in 2000, and since then I obtained the integrated farming label.


The strict specifications oblige me to increase vineyard observation, where the use of treatments products is made only when necessary, according to the risks of diseases and climate conditions.

Grass cover in the vine rows is favored, to preserve flora and fauna biodiversity, as well as to develop soil microbial life.

The young vines are still ploughed as did my parents, in order to let their roots find in the depths all the taste of their soil and strengthen them against climate conditions.

A traceability of our cultivation and winemaking process is essential..
The harvest is sorted out before arriving at the wine press. The juices will run gently to keep all the grape aromas and develop all the wine delicacy.

The vinifications remain traditional, but due to the follow-up more and more precise of the fermentation temperatures, and the maceration durations, I improve the fruity taste and the structure of my wines.